Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mighty STL Drawing Club Bullpen Holiday Party

Even though Kevin beat me to posting the pic by a few days, here, again, is the official 2009 STL Drawing Club holiday picture, taken at our own Dan Z's house. A handsome group, no?
What makes it worth posting again is the inclusion of a numbered key showing who's who, for all of the fans out there at home. (See below.)

1) "Jazzy" Jason Robards 2) "Mad" Max Vento 3) "Bombastic" Brian Hurtt
4) "Dapper" Dan Zettwoch 5) "Adorable" Anchovy Sciarrino 6) "Kvetchin' " Kevin Huizenga 7) "Relaxin' " Ron Weaver

I almost forgot: EXCELSIOR!

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